CPA Courses

CPA Nova Scotia offers courses in a variety of different topics, competencies and formats, to view courses by specific topics select one of the links below or use the search feature below to find topics by keywords.  Please note if any of the search listings below provides a blank result this means courses are not available for registration at this time.  Continue to monitor communications from CPA Nova Scotia for registration dates or visit our website regularly to check for updates.

   •  Accounting and Assurance
   •  Ethics
   •  Finance and Financial Reporting
   •  Information Technology
   •  Management Reporting
   •  Professional and Personal Skills
   •  Strategy and Governance
   •  Tax
   •  Wealth Management 
Course Categories

– In-class course, DL1920 – E-learning (Interactive on-line), LB1920 – Live Broadcast (on-line), LW1920 – Live Webcast (on-line), EL1920 - CFI (on-demand), 
CP1920  – Canadian Payroll (In-class), FU1920  – FliP University (on-demand), EF1920  – Executive Finance (on-demand), PR1920  – ProDio Audio Learning (on-demand)
UQ1920  – UltimQuest (on-demand)

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